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2022 Is Packed With Fun And Convenient Kitchen Design Trends to Take Your Kitchen From Drab to Fab! Color and hidden storage are just a couple of the exciting trends to renovate your kitchen in 2022. If you are planning to update your kitchen in 2022, you’ll want to check out our list of some of the top design ideas for this year.
  • Black is back – Black is in style from kitchen accessories such as door handles and knobs to appliances. Sleek black accent pieces will also bring your kitchen together, especially with the bright colors that are trending.
  • Colored cabinets– Last year’s supply shortage inspired homeowners to repurpose existing cabinets. Brightening up their kitchens by painting existing cabinets in bright bold jewel colors as well as greys and lighter blues.
  • Multiple islands– More people are working at home than ever. Multiple islands can serve dual purposes such as tables, desks, workstations, and additional storage.
  • Hide it- Hidden storage and appliances will continue to increase in popularity for 2022’s kitchen renovations. Having your kitchen look like it’s not a kitchen is a big trend that shows no sign of disappearing.
  • Ditch the Uppers- Remove the upper cabinets and replace them with open shelving will make your kitchen more appealing and give you places to display your prized pieces and items to spruce up the kitchen.
  • Banquets– These built-in tables and benches are versatile and offer the most seating in a compact space.
  • Bold Flooring- Floors with patterns and mixed wood-look colors and textures provide that custom feel to make the kitchen of your home stand out!
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