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Custom Bathroom Renovation in Satellite Beach

Custom Bathroom Renovation in Satellite Beach, Florida The large luxury custom-tiled shower and abundant cabinet space make this Satellite Beach bathroom a place the family loves to visit and show off! Features of the bathroom remodel featured in this video: 12 24 porcelain pebble tile floor in the shower 2-way converter system for [...]

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Save Big Money on Your Utilities

Save Big Money on Your Utilities with WaterSense Fixtures One of the questions we often receive from homeowners is “Are toilets, faucets, and showerheads with WaterSense labels worth the investment?” The EPA WaterSense label is on products proven to save water. Including these fixtures in your kitchen and bathroom renovations will not only [...]

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Custom Shower Project in Viera

Complete Bathroom Redesign in Viera, Florida. Check out the video of Ceramic Tile Design’s recent bathroom remodel project. This project included a complete redesign that made the bathroom layout more spacious, practical, and esthetically pleasing. This custom bathroom design featured a custom shower install.  We replaced an outdated bathtub that was [...]

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Avoid a Slip & Fall in the Shower

Slip and Fall Injuries affect millions of people every year and it’s not just seniors who are affected, children account for a surprisingly large percentage of bathroom injuries due to slipping. The best way to avoid dangerous falls in the shower and improve shower safety is to install safety grab bars in your [...]

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Bathroom Remodeling FAQ’s

How Much Will My Bathroom Renovation Cost? Currently, the average bathroom renovation cost is about $10,000. Prices can range from a few thousand to well over $100,000 depending on the materials, and fixtures, structural changes, custom elements such as glass shower enclosures, and the size of your space [...]

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Home Bathtub Trends

Luxury Home Bathtub Trends Current bathtub options range from plain to OMG! These home bathtub design trends will make you want to upgrade your bathtub budget during your bathroom renovation. Fancy shapes were only the beginning of the changes we are seeing in the luxury bathtub trends. The [...]

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Home Tile Trends

Current Kitchen & Bathroom Tile Trends From Natural Stone Tile in neutral colors to bright and bold Color Saturated Tile, current tile trends are sure to make your kitchen or bathroom a focal point in your house. Tile has come a long way from the boring days of [...]

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Hot Bathroom Design Trends

These 9 bathroom trends are sure to please and make your bathroom look outstanding. When you think of a dream bathroom these hot desIgn trends will make your bathroom your favorite room in the house. Doesn’t everyone need a beautiful bathroom to leisurely bathe and pamper themselves? The [...]

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