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DIY Renovation FAQ

DIY Home Renovation FAQs Answered Deciding to undertake a kitchen or bathroom renovation in your home by yourself requires skills, knowledge, and experience.  Ceramic Tile Design has been helping local homeowners with renovations since 1989 and that experience has created a wealth of knowledge we are proud to share in our Brevard Tile [...]

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Top Flooring Trends of 2022

It’s no secret that tile and flooring that resemble other materials are taking the flooring market by storm. The “looks Like” trend includes tile, vinyl, and laminates. The quality of these faux looks has- come a long way. The modern versions not only look great they can save you thousands of dollars in [...]

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Home Countertop Choices- Pros & Cons

What Countertop is the Best for Your Home? The Brevard Tile Blog has compiled a list of the pros and cons to help you make an educated choice for the best countertop material for your budget, home, and lifestyle. Consumer Reports compared some popular countertop choices and the pros and cons of [...]

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DIY Home Remodeling Checklist

Ultimate Renovation Planning Checklist When preparing for your DIY Remodeling project there is a lot of planning and preparation to complete and track. This handy checklist will help you whether you are renovating one room or your whole house while managing your renovation with ease. Make sure you [...]

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Home Tile Trends

Current Kitchen & Bathroom Tile Trends From Natural Stone Tile in neutral colors to bright and bold Color Saturated Tile, current tile trends are sure to make your kitchen or bathroom a focal point in your house. Tile has come a long way from the boring days of [...]

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