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FAQ Facts

We cover topics such as DIY Renovation FAQs and Home Design FAQs. If you are planning your kitchen renovation or getting started with a bathroom remodel our FAQs have answers to help from planning through cleanup! With over 30 years of renovating Brevard County homes, we have learned a lot of tips & [...]

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Tips to Sell Your House for Top Dollar

When selling your house a few updates & changes can make thousands of dollars of difference in the price you sell your home for. Improve Curb Appeal- This can range from free and inexpensive solutions such as cleaning & weeding your yard, planting accent plants, and power washing your home to options that [...]

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Ways to Maximize Outdoor Space

In Central Florida, we love to spend time outdoors. These ideas will expand your home living and entertaining space and add value to your home. Install an outdoor shower- This is a must-have to keep your home cleaner and reduce clogs, especially on the beachside!  Add an Outdoor Kitchen- adding perimeter seating ensures [...]

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All-New Website Coming Soon

We continually invest in our technology to make our website and social media accounts fast, easy to use, and full of valuable information. Our state-of-the-art website has everything you need to easily find information about Ceramic Tile Design and our renovation services. Answers to Bathroom and Kitchen FAQs, Design Renovation FAQs Answered, DIY [...]

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Riverrock and Porcelain Tile Shower Install

River Rock and Porcelain Tile Shower Install Watch this quick video of our latest custom shower installation for our clients on South Tropical Trail in Merritt Island in the heart of our service area. This luxurious bathroom renovation project is in full swing and we could not wait to share this beautiful custom [...]

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Save Big Money on Your Utilities

Save Big Money on Your Utilities with WaterSense Fixtures One of the questions we often receive from homeowners is “Are toilets, faucets, and showerheads with WaterSense labels worth the investment?” The EPA WaterSense label is on products proven to save water. Including these fixtures in your kitchen and bathroom renovations will not only [...]

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Home Renovation Project Videos

When choosing a company to handle your renovation project it’s important to see their work and read the reviews from local homeowners. Here at Ceramic Tile Design, we love to show off our kitchen and bathroom renovations. You will find tons of photos of our work on the website as well as on [...]

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Home Design FAQ

When planning a kitchen or bathroom remodel there are many design and budget choices you will need to consider and decide on.  Ceramic Tile Design answers many of the questions we receive about design ideas and trends from flooring to color scheme to countertops you find inspiration and lots of advice to help [...]

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DIY Renovation FAQ

DIY Home Renovation FAQs Answered Deciding to undertake a kitchen or bathroom renovation in your home by yourself requires skills, knowledge, and experience.  Ceramic Tile Design has been helping local homeowners with renovations since 1989 and that experience has created a wealth of knowledge we are proud to share in our Brevard Tile [...]

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