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Slip and Fall Injuries affect millions of people every year and it’s not just seniors who are affected, children account for a surprisingly large percentage of bathroom injuries due to slipping.

The best way to avoid dangerous falls in the shower and improve shower safety is to install safety grab bars in your shower and bathtub. Additionally, handicap safety grab bars are essential to ensure a safe environment for elderly people as well as those with illness, disabilities, or injuries. New shower styles allow safety grab bars and shower seats which are aesthetically pleasing as well as a great addition to provide comfort and safety to your family, friends, and guests. Ceramic Tile Design installs custom showers and tile designs that will meet all of your safety requirements and design qualification requirements for your bathroom remodel. 

5 Additional Ways to Avoid Slip & Fall Accidents in the Shower & Bathroom

  1. Use rugs with rubber backing or tack them down with double-sided tape.
  2.  Place a non-slip mat or decals in the bottom of the tub and shower.
  3. If you don’t have a built-in shower chair, add a temporary one for those who need it.
  4. Clear clutter and keep cords out of the way.
  5. Improve bathroom safety and accessibility by lowering the shower entry, raising the toilet, or installing a bathtub with a door for easy entry.

Still, have questions about improving your bathroom safety? Give us a call or read more in the CDC.gov Report

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