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Your bathroom might not be the first room that guests see when they arrive at your home, but it is one where you spend a fair amount of time. If you’re feeling like your bathroom could use a bit of a facelift, call upon these trendy remodel ideas before beginning your project.

Pump Up The Pattern

If you’ve been paying attention to design trends for the last few years, you know that one of the most stylish ones is utilizing patterned tile for the bathroom floor. So often, bathrooms can feel dull and thoughtless—a curated tile can make them feel like works of art.

Try to select a pattern that fits with your overall style aesthetic. Are you a minimalist? A bohemian lover? A farmhouse classicist? Make sure that your tile choice reflects that, and work with a pro if you’re having trouble creating your own vision.

Add Pops of Color

The modern aesthetic is great for inspiring clean lines and openness, but it can feel pretty bland in terms of the color scheme. If you’re not careful, your whole bathroom might feel washed out with all of the white and beige.

You don’t need to get wild with colored fixtures, but some bold cabinetry or bright hardware on those cabinets can really lift the mood of your bathroom without it feeling like a funhouse.

Less Is More

The simple fact is, it’s very difficult to make a shower curtain feel like a design element. No matter how carefully you select it, it’s bound to feel a little bit intrusive. Instead, opt for a chic glass enclosure. This design element will enhance the work you’ve already put into styling your bathroom rather than detract from it with its own imposing appearance.

Whether your bathroom hasn’t been updated for decades or is just starting to look a little tired, Ceramic Tile Design can help you create the trendy space of your dreams.

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