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The kitchen is the heart of every home, it’s almost always where family and friends gather to connect. Doesn’t a room that gets that much traffic deserves a makeover that adds value?

Here are a few of the trendiest ways you can add value to your kitchen with a remodel.

Splash Around

Everyone with a good sense of design knows that an accent piece can really bring a room together. Adding an interesting pattern or color to your kitchen in the form of a backsplash can create a sense of depth and character.

To mix fashion with function, try placing a tile backsplash behind an area where you do most of your food preparation. Since tile is incredibly easy to clean, your life will get a little easier with this addition, too.

Consider Your Countertop

It’s no secret that a quality kitchen countertop can be a real selling point. Not only are stone countertops like granite durable, but they’re also beautiful to look at, and can really steal the show.

Even if granite isn’t your thing, you can certainly come up with some sort of creative countertop design with the right contractor, and it’s bound to wow potential buyers should you want to sell your home.

Invest in Flooring

Outdated flooring is one of the fastest ways to drag down the appeal of a kitchen. While hardwood has long been the premium aesthetic for kitchens, you can now get the same look without paying such premium prices.

Glazed tiles come in so many different designs that you can now closely imitate the look of hardwood, or opt for an eye-catching pattern. Either way, you’ll have a trendy new look that’s easy to clean, too.

When you’re ready to take the leap and begin one of these value-adding projects, contact Ceramic Tile Design for an expert touch.

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