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Congratulations on choosing to design the kitchen of your dreams.

Now what? Read the remodel FAQs below to find out how long the kitchen renovation process takes, what’s the best flooring choice, and understand the potential concerns and more. 

How do I get started?

You have determined you would like to update your kitchen. It’s a great idea to create an outline of your plans. This should include: What space are you including? What are your exact dimensions, IIs there a wall you would like to eliminate? Are you certain it’s not load-bearing? As well as your budget and design choices. Need help? You can contact us online or call for your no-obligation quote.

How long does a kitchen remodel take?

There’s is not a finite answer to that question. First, you’ll need to schedule a time to plan your new kitchen, choose your new appliances, tiles, fixtures, and flooring. The project timeline depends on how extensive an overhaul you’re planning. If you plan to tear out walls, re-wire, install or reroute pipes, each of these steps will take each day or two. If you’re worried about how long your kitchen is going to be unusable, expect six weeks, give or take a few. At Ceramic Tile Design a professional contractor will give you a timeline as part of your project planning. 

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Do I need new flooring?

Keep the present flooring or upgrade? Ponder these questions. Are you satisfied with the level of lighting in the room? Do you love your current floor, What tile or wood flooring style will you want,  can it also be a backsplash? what’s your budget? Before you proceed, you’ll want to have an answer to those questions.

Should I re-face or replace my cabinets?

Refacing your cabinets can save tons of cash but it can be risky. If your budget is tight, you probably will consider this idea rather than replacing them. Make sure you think about things like do I have enough cabinet storage?  Are the cabinets in good shape, and will I be happy if I skip new cabinets?

Which kitchen countertop should I choose?

Consumer Reports favors quartz, granite, and marble countertops. They rate recycled glass and butcher board as two of the worst options. The top three choices all cost about the same and while their least favorites can actually cost more in some instances.

Laminate will save money but it’s not the best choice for longevity because it can easily chip and peel. When planning your budget, it’s a clear call to invest in a durable, high-quality countertop. 

Do refrigerators all have an equivalent depth?

The answer is no. You can find refrigerators with more or less cubic footage to fit within the designated space. Measure the precise dimensions then look for a refrigerator that matches within the same space but offers better storage. Everyone wants the biggest refrigerator to fit their space. Assuming you can’t redesign the space to make more depth, this is an excellent alternative.

Alternately, if you can get by with less refrigerator storage, find a shallow depth refrigerator. they’re generally tighter inside, but they’re more forgiving during the installation phase.

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