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Use these handy tips to plan your dream kitchen

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What Function Will Your Space Serve?  

How do you plan on using your kitchen everyday? Is your kitchen a busy place people gather to eat, chat, visit, and work? Or is it tucked away only warming up leftovers or washing out your empty wine glasses? Most of us fall somewhere in the middle. 

Do you wish to entertain? If you regularly end up hosting friends for wine and cheese, or a cup of coffee, a  beverage center that houses a wine fridge, wine glasses, etc will be a big plus for your new kitchen. How much seating do you require? For a more casual place to talk think about adding additional seating around an island or peninsula.


One thing to think about when planning your kitchen is that the flow of your workspace, or as the design world calls it, the work triangle. The work triangle is the distance between your stove, refrigerator, and sink. a triangle will create an efficient workflow and allows you to maneuver with ease between the three most used points. A poor work triangle will cause you to run everywhere in your kitchen to complete tasks


One of the main complaints I hear from clients looking to renovate their kitchen is that the lack of storage their current space has. Even the littlest kitchen can maximize their storage by utilizing smart storage solutions.


Here are three styles of lighting to address during a kitchen renovation planning.

General Lighting

Is the main lighting source in your room. Recessed lights simply and evenly disperse light throughout the space. Pendant lights or chandeliers are often examples of general lighting, 

Task Lighting

Exactly as the name says it helps perform certain tasks. Under-cabinet lighting is an example of important task lighting that is oven overlooked. Another place that task lighting is usually overlooked is over the sink. Avoid shadows and dark work areas with task Lighting.

Accent lighting

Highlights the wonderful design of your kitchen but not usually based on function. Uplighting or lighting in glass cabinets is an excellent example of accent lights. 

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Choose the Highest QUALITY MATERIALS Your Budget Allows

 The materials and finishes you decide on for your kitchen will ultimately dictate the design and feel of the space, but more importantly, will determine the longevity and ROI of the renovation. If you’re getting to invest in renovating your kitchen or building it from scratch, make sure your new space not only looks good but will stand the test of your time by choosing the highest quality materials your budget allows. 

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