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These 9 bathroom trends are sure to please and make your bathroom look outstanding.

When you think of a dream bathroom these hot desIgn trends will make your bathroom your favorite room in the house. Doesn’t everyone need a beautiful bathroom to leisurely bathe and pamper themselves?

The Tub Nook

Let’s about tubs, shall we? If a freestanding tub isn’t your thing or you just don’t have space for one a bathtub nook might be for you. This trend is taking the normal tub layout and making it cozy and comfortable. Bathrooms have come a long way from the initial purpose of being an area to wash. Now, bathtubs and bathrooms should be an area of escape. a bathtub nook is a comfortable escape that is also beautiful

Unexpected Tub Shapes

In the past, there was not much flexibility when it comes to tub shapes. Oval and pill-shaped were basically it, right? The classic clawfoot tubs have expanded in size, style, and shape choices. They have evolved into a gorgeous and modern alternative. A round tub might not be a good lounging tub thanks to its shape. However, it might be great for those with kids and animals, either way, it looks extremely cool.

High Gloss Color Saturated Tiles

This trend is new, colorful, and shiny. Most bathroom tiles have some sheen to them because, well, they have to be water-resistant and easy to wash. Matte has been ruling for way too long. t’s exciting that bold colors are finally taking a tile stand. These bold and jewel-toned ceramic tiles are a lot more eye-catching than plain matte ceramic tiles.

 Pick the best bathroom color scheme

Swap Out the White Toilet Seat

There are seemingly endless toilet seat cover choices available. This is an inexpensive way to add personality and color to your bathroom

Asymmetrical Sink & Mirror Pairing

We really love this trend! It keeps your bathroom interesting. So if you’re looking to make a wow moment in your bathroom why not try an asymmetrical mirror? There are two ways to try to to it. Choose a mirror that’s asymmetrical in its actual shape or you can install an additional mirror asymmetrical to the sink.

Raw Earthy Tile

If colorful, shiny tiles are not for you, natural textured tiles might be the answer. They are incredibly beautiful with no sheen. They are a bit rough to the skin if you put in them on the floor. A cozy rug will help!

Custom Glass Shower Enclosures

These beautiful glass enclosure are guaranteed to raise the bar in any bathroom. Custom fitted and installed for your area. Homeowners love this easy to clean option.

Natural Stone Sinks

Behold the beauty of the natural, raw stone sink. These stunning sinks crop up more and since late 2019. These sinks are total stunners, they’re likely best fitted to a gorgeous powder bathroom since they’re such a magnificent showpiece. FYI they are hard to wash with everyday use and very heavy often requiring structural reinforcement.

Double Vanities with Flair

These double vanities are popping up in bathrooms everywhere. The primary choice is a double “single” vanity created by putting in two single vanities on each side. This deliberate design option replaces one vanity with two sinks.

Are any of those now on your dream renovation list? Are any of them too crazy to even consider? We love hearing your thoughts. Let us know what you think of these designs in our comment area. If you like what you read please share with your friends through our easy social sharing buttons. 

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