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Helpful advice to determine if this is a time for DIY or a professional?

Remodeling projects can add value to your home and be exciting while requiring many important decisions. If you are having trouble with planning or making your final selections, ask Ceramic Tile Design to create a custom design for your custom glass enclosure.

The renovation design will include your budget, space specifications, aesthetic, and lifestyle needs. Our custom designed glass enclosures are sure to enhance your bathroom, shower, or upgrade any kitchen or patio area.

Why Custom Glass Shower Enclosures?

Custom shower enclosures provide a clean and unobstructed look that works beautifully in modern bathrooms. Unlike a curtain, frameless enclosures provide an open, airy feeling and permit you to show off your custom tile work and fixtures. After spending countless hours choosing the exquisite details of your remodel, does it make sense to cover them behind a shower curtain!  This problem is particularly significant because less light reaches your shower walls making it easier for mold and mildew to creep in and grow.

Preparing for Your Glass Shower Enclosure

Turning your vision of a rich, elegant bathroom into a reality is a daunting experience. we all know it’s tempting to leap right into the renovation project, however, there is much preparation you must do before proceeding if you want to ensure the success of your bathroom renovation. Often, we speak to homeowners who haven’t completed the required prep work that needs to be done before the walls are finished and tiles and glass shower enclosures are installed.

There are specific requirements before installing a frameless shower enclosure. The thickness of the glass, layout, and weight requirements you choose are all dependent upon what weight your walls can support.  To take advantage of the widest range of options during a shower enclosure, your bathroom walls must be reinforced to support the substantial weight of the glass panels. Here are a couple of tips you can use to make sure your renovation runs seamlessly.

Reinforce Your Walls

A frameless glass shower enclosure is made of heavy glass panels . to make sure the panels are properly supported, the hardware must be securely fastened to structural framing within your walls. Installing the hardware into unsupported sheetrock will undoubtedly cause the structure to fail.

Add supportive 2×4 blocking to your walls where the glass supports and hinges connect ensures a sturdy and stable installation. If you select to make a full-height enclosed shower, the ceiling must also be reinforced. Again, this is often best done at the start of your remodeling project before the walls and other surfaces are finished.

Choose the proper glass

When choosing glass, there are options for the thickness, color, and even patterns for your custom glass shower enclosure. The strongest panels are ½-inch-thick architectural glass, while the minimum thickness for a frameless enclosure is 3/8”. There also are options for coated glass panels that reduce staining and pitting.

The glass you select also determines what hardware options are available for you to choose from because supports and hinges are rated for specific sizes of glass panels. Once you’ve got made these decisions you are ready to proceed with your glass shower installation project!

Need assistance? We will discuss the layout and other options to make the right glass shower enclosure for your bathroom or enhance any area with our custom glass enclosure installations. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff will work with you to guarantee your remodeling service is gorgeous, functional, and meets all your requirements.

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