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Finding The Best Contractor for Home Remodels

You read DYI or hire a professional and decided your renovation project needs a professional contractor. Choosing the right company for your kitchen/bathroom renovation involves a bit of research but the results are bound to save you time, money, and headaches.

These questions will help make sure you choose the best company for your home renovation.

  • How long have you been in business?
  • Are you licensed and insured?
  • What is your warranty/guarantee?
  • Does my project require any permits?
  • Do you acquire any necessary permits?
  • What’s your payment schedule?
  • Will I have a dedicated team on my job?
  • What’s the daily work plan, including work hours, clean up, & tools & supply storage?
  • How will unforeseen Issues and charges be handled?
  • How does your company resolve disputes?
  • Do you have a network of outside professionals you recommend?

A kitchen renovation is one of the most costly and complicated renovation projects you can undertake. Make sure to protect your investment and guarantee you love your new room and receive the highest ROI by hiring a reputable contractor who understands your project and has great reviews!

Ceramic Tile Design Answers 

Some Top Questions Recommended to Ask Before Hiring a Contractor

We Have been proudly serving Vero, Brevard County, and Titusville homeowners with high-quality designs for their kitchens and bathrooms since 1989. Over three decades of experience mean we have seen it all and know how to handle the unforeseen issues that often arise during home renovations. 

  • We are fully licensed and insured. All employees are also state-certified in modalities of stone, tile, and solid surfaces
  • We warranty and guarantee every job we complete
  • We complete an entire written contract including your design, material, and payment plan for your project to ensure all your requirements are clearly listed, addressed, and met. 
  • You will have a dedicated team of professionals assigned to your project.
  • Many jobs will require you to hire an additional contractor or two like an electrition. We have a full list of professions we recommend to make the entire process simple and easy for you

For more information call or contact us here.  Click to learn more about Ceramic Tile Design and the services provided. Read more tips for hiring a contractor from The Better Business Bureau

Jill H Brevard County Homeowner and Ceramic Tile Design client said this about her backsplash installation from Ceramic Tile Design:  

“The tile and installation work crew worked very hard to install a complex backsplash in our kitchen. They did a good job to my satisfaction”

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