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These definitions are sure to help you understand these popular stone and solid surface construction materials

These popular remodeling materials are commonly used in kitchen and bathroom upgrades from countertops to floors you need to understand these materials to plan your home renovation.


The most durable surface available it’s a mixture of minerals, color & resin. Quartz has the beauty of natural stone and is non-porous so it stands up to scratches and stains while remaining fairly heat resistant. 


Each slab you select is unique with variations in color and veining, Granite is a great option for a kitchen countertop. It’s heat resistant and very durable. Make sure to apply a sealant once a year so the stains, not an issue.

Marble & Soapstone

Natural stones are simply gorgeous and offer beautiful veining unique to each. Sadly, they’re softer than granite and definitely more vulnerable to staining and wear. 

Pro Tip: Quartz products are now available that mimic the design of natural marble and soapstone but offer far more durability.

Solid Surfaces

Are a mixture of acrylic and polyester resins, solid surfacing (widely referred to as Corian) comes in many various colors and may be molded in many shapes and sizes. It lacks the natural allure of quartz or stone but is stain resistant. Scratches are often easily buffed out unless you put a hot pan on the surface they are NOT  heat resistant so you’ll have to be cautious not to place hot items on a solid surface countertop.

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