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Give your bathroom a facelift with one of these color choices

Because of the small size and minimal furnishings, bathrooms offer flexibility when decorating, especially when it involves color schemes. Our list of seven-bathroom color ideas is taking Brevard County homeowners by storm.


There’s nothing more luxurious than choosing white as the center of your bathroom color scheme. Pairing pure white with cream, eggshell, and ivory hues will create subtle texture while paring with bright colors create light and brightness. Use these colors as accent walls, decorative accessories, tile, and trim. 


This gentle, relaxing color is a fan favorite for the bathroom. Lilac is popular for its soothing nature. it’s easily paired with cream-colored items, whether that be a sink, towel, framed mirror, or maybe crown molding. increase the room’s harmony with a petite plant and the calming aroma of candles or essential oils.


You can add a touch more depth by selecting a cool green (like mint or sage). This refreshing shade is light enough to make the room appear wide and spacious. Select fixtures of an equivalent color scheme for an appealing monochromatic look. 


Darker colors tend to form spaces appear smaller, so a deep plum is ideal for a master bathroom or accent wall. Pair it with gray tile floors and white bathroom furnishings to balance the powerful wall color. Keep it fun by decorating with colorful prints that add a splash of red and pink to pull the space together.


This festive bathroom is ideal for people who love vacations or simply enjoy a bold bathroom color scheme. Bright red stands out against a dark bathroom vanity base. Make sure to watch your lighting and room size with this bold choice. Before you jump into a bold bathroom, try a sample and test the new color


This pinkish hue is warm and alluring, especially when paired with light-weight wood vanity and matching mirrors. This is also an excellent choice for Space Coast Florida’s beach and vacation homes due to the fun and lightweight atmosphere it creates. You and your guests will be feeling peachy with this choice!


A stunning color like teal will turn heads. When going with daring color, let the remainder of the space radiate a more complimentary bathroom color scheme. The balancing act of white and grey bathroom fixtures paired with the cozy glow of vanity lighting will accentuate the colorful nature of the teal.

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