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14 Items to Complete to Make your Bathroom Renovation Successful

A bathroom renovation is an exciting task which will run more smoothly with attention to the items on our easy to follow renovation checklist guaranteed to make any home renovation easier.

 If you choose to hire a professional remodeling contractor they will assist you and complete many of these tasks. 

Some Ways We Will Help You:

  1. Determine Budget
  2. Create a Project Timeline
  3. Choose a Bathroom Renovation Contractor
  4. Plan the Order of Work Sequence
  5. Plan and Budget  for Hidden problems
  6. Determine Design Style, Colors, and Functionality Goals
  7. Take and Doublecheck All Measurements, Repeat
  8. Choose Fixtures and Special Features
  9. Plan Cabinets, Storage, and Shelving Unit Layout, Style and Design
  10. Determine Wall and Flooring Materials, Designs, and aesthetic 
  11. Choose Lighting Fixtures to Enhance your Space
  12. Choose Ventilation Solution
  13. Accessorize
  14. Final clean

Following these planning steps to prepare for your bathroom remodel doesn’t guarantee your project won’t have any surprises but it maximizes your odds of staying on time, budget, and enjoy the bathroom of your dreams. Click for more Bathroom Remodeling tips.

Whether you choose to DIY or hire a reputable local company like Ceramic Tile Designs. With over 30 years of experience providing quality kitchen and bathroom renovations and custom glass enclosures to homeowners around Brevard County Florida, you are guaranteed to be happy with your new room. 

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