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Choosing the Best Flooring for Your Home

These tips will help you understand the options and choose the best flooring option For your lifestyle and humid Florida conditions.

Buying the right flooring is an important investment. Your flooring choice can add value to your Florida home or create an ongoing problem. Make sure to protect your ROI by choosing the best option to last, hold value, and match your family’s needs.

The subtropical climate in Florida is full of humidity and if you’re anywhere near the Space Coast beaches, sand will be a factor. First, determine the best flooring material for your home is wood, tile, or laminate flooring best? 

#1 Ceramic Tile Flooring

The versatile long-lasting material is the number one flooring choice for a home in Brevard County and the surrounding areas. 

Ceramic tile is durable, easy to care for, comes in many colors and styles, and Can be easily customized with intricate patterns and ceramic tile designs to match your aesthetic. 

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#2 Laminate Flooring

This flooring option comes in at number two. Laminate Flooring is usually the least expensive option.

Although this is a popular Florida home flooring choice because of lower pricing, the adage you get what you pay for is true. Laminates can need to replace up to ten years before ceramic tile and are known to last half as long as other options.

#3 Wood Flooring

Wood flooring is beautiful and unique which can come with a big price tag and need to be properly sealed & maintained. Options like engineered wood flooring you will get more durability.

Hardwood Flooring is known to expand and contract and in the humid Florida climate you want to make sure your flooring choice won’t be an issue.

NO Carpet

Carpet is rarely seen in Brevard County homes for a good reason. It absorbs moisture, holds dirt, germs, mold, and bacteria. 

Do yourself, your family, and pets a favor by saying no to the allergen and dust collector carpet.

We hope this helped you determine the best flooring choice for your Florida home. Need help with designs and ideas for your home renovation? That’s what we do best! If you are looking for the best flooring contractor by Melbourne, look no further then Ceramic Tile Design. Call today for your free estimate

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