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Current Kitchen & Bathroom Tile Trends

From Natural Stone Tile in neutral colors to bright and bold Color Saturated Tile, current tile trends are sure to make your kitchen or bathroom a focal point in your house.

Tile has come a long way from the boring days of the past. Incorporating innovative ceramic tile designs into your bathroom and kitchen walls, floors and countertops are on the rise and there is no limit to the creativity and individuality of this fun and innovative way to make any room a focal point in your home.

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Bold and Mixed Color Palettes

Gone are days of the all-white tiles with current home tile designs leaning toward exciting bold colors and mixed color pallets, even if you prefer a neutral color palette.

Bright and bold gem colors are taking the design world by storm. These color-saturated tiles are sure to make any room a wow! On a budget? Use these gorgeous tiles as a backsplash or accent to jazz up any tile job. 

Mixed color pallets are all the rage. If you like the neutral color pallet choose natural stone in a few shades to create a custom design for your space that’s sure to please. Are bold and bright more your style? Choose complementary colors and use one in the shower or backsplash and the second on your floor or walls. Bonus tip: add a custom glass enclosure to show off your new tile shower

Geometric, Large Scale & Psychedelic Patterns

Patterned ceramic tile designs are a fun and interesting way to express your unique style and add value and flair to any room in your home.

Mixing colors is only the beginning of the newest tile design trends. Mixing colors or shades to create a patterned tile design requires advanced tile design skills and an eye for symmetry. For more of the newest tile design trends, check this out. The possibilities are endless and only limited to your imagination. From Psychedelic to Geometric these tile patterns can be large scale or a smaller focal point.

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