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Deciding Which Jobs to DIY

Deciding if you can DIY a job or if you need to hire a professional involves many factors. The Brevard Tile Blog shares a few critical items to consider when making this important decision.

First and foremost you must decide if you have the skillset and training required to complete the renovation. Have you done this before? What do you anticipate saving in time and money by DIY? What’s the backup plan if something goes wrong? Do you have the design skills to make the most of your project budget, timeline, and space restrictions?

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Take a few minutes to consider the following details to help you decide if your project is DIY or if you need a professional. Ceramic Tile Design has been installing kitchen and bathrooms all around our service area including Brevard County for over 30 years. We are happy to meet with you to discuss your project and help you determine your best alternatives to fit your home needs, design, and budget. 

Safety First

It’s Imperative to consider your safety when determining the answer to your DIY vs Hiring a Renovation Contractor

Home Renovations Can Be Dangerous 

in a blink of an eye, things can go drastically wrong especially in kitchens and bathrooms which include tons of electrical and plumbing to deal with. There are times when a licensed and trained professional is required to ensure your safety.

Do you know?

Which of your walls is load-bearing? Where all your plumbing, gas, and electrical runs are? What condition is the subfloor and framing in behind your walls? Is there possible mold damage? Many of these questions require years of training to answer and it’s hard to be an expert in all areas required during a kitchen or bathroom remodeling.

It Could Ruin Your House

A major plumbing problem can turn any project upside down. Water can be an immediate as well as a hidden danger to your home and family’s safety. A broken pipe or fixture can cause thousands of dollars of damage very quickly and even worse an undetected slow leak will not only raise your water bill but can also cause mold, decay, and structural damage to your home. 

Permits and Inspections

Does your Brevard County renovation require a permit? Everyone knows dealing with permits can be confusing and time-consuming. Some permits require a licensed contractor like Ceramic Tile Design. Learn more about Brevard County building permit FAQ’s from The Brevard County,Gov Website.

Choosing DIY

Every renovation job, home, and homeowner skill set are different. Once you’ve weighed the risk vs saving and reward you are ready to make the choice of moving forward with your DIY or hire a professional contractor.

No experience isn’t always a DYI deal-breaker, because there are skills you can learn using a home DIY blog, book or video. The DIY Network can teach you ways to handle all types of straightforward repair jobs, like fixing a leaky toilet or a squeaky door hinge.

You will live with your new kitchen or bathroom for years to come whether you choose to DIY or hire a professional, our Find Your Dream Kitchen Design and Hot Bathroom Trends are sure to give you the inspiration to create a room you love! Need a personal touch with your kitchen or bathroom renovation planning? That’s our favorite part! Fill out our contact form or give us a call directly (321) 795-0171 for your no-obligation quote today. We are fully licensed and Insured and every job is warrantied. Join our blog to receive the upcoming article Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Contractor.

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