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Luxury Home Bathtub Trends

Current bathtub options range from plain to OMG! These home bathtub design trends will make you want to upgrade your bathtub budget during your bathroom renovation.

Fancy shapes were only the beginning of the changes we are seeing in the luxury bathtub trends. The options for bathtub materials have expanded from porcelain to wood, marble, copper, and of course the ultimate in luxury solid gold!

Sunken Tubs and Nooks and Stairs

Build a platform to create a sunken tub with stairs to easily enter.

This bathroom design element will make your bathroom look like a palace. Add an extra element of luxury with the trendy bathroom idea of a cozy bathtub nook!

Unusual Shapes, Textures, and Embellishments

The choices are only limited by your imagination and budget of course!

If you want that extra wow from your bathtub, how about a gem-shaped bathtub or one with gold scales? Not your style? That’s ok. From mixing materials such as marble and wood to custom molds, custom glass enclosures, and tile installations you can find a unique tub to express your individual style.

Free Standing and Round

A freestanding bathtub may take a lot of space but it can be worth the sacrifice.

Featuring this bathroom design element will make your bathtub the focal point of your room. Freestanding tubs come in many intriguing shapes and styles using a variety of materials. Although a round tub is not practical for many homes if you have pets and kids in your home you’ll love a deep round tub!

Planning a Dream Bathroom Renovation

To plan and execute the details required to complete a luxury bathroom reno usually requires the knowledge, training, and expertise a  professional remodeling contractor possesses.

To help you choose the best professional in Melbourne for your bathroom upgrade make sure to ask these questions before you hire a local renovation professional

If DIY is more your style check out our DIY Remodel Checklist and How to Prepare for your Bathroom Remodel for helpful information. For even more resources check out our Brevard Tile Blog and join here and never miss another money-saving tip from the pros at Ceramic Tile Design proudly serving Brevard County and surrounding communities for over 30 years.

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