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Ultimate Renovation Planning Checklist

When preparing for your DIY Remodeling project there is a lot of planning and preparation to complete and track.

This handy checklist will help you whether you are renovating one room or your whole house while managing your renovation with ease. Make sure you avoid the well-known mistake of “planning to fail by failing to plan”, this is one of the biggest mistakes you can make with your DIY renovation.

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DIY Home Renovation Checklist

Stay on time and budget with this planning and execution list to create your plan for your DIY home renovation.

  • Determine the Scope of Work

Write down everything you plan to remodel in your room. Are you tackling cabinets, tile, paint, walls, plumbing, shower enclosures, etc?  Read Kitchen Remodel FAQ”s and Prepare for Bathroom remodeling for additional tips to make any DYI project smoother

  • Project Timeline

Now you know the details of your renovation project and the items you are updating. You can plan your remodeling project timeline. Use each individual task and determine how long you anticipate it taking then add everything together and add an additional 10% for your buffer. Because as you know almost every renovation project has a surprise or two!

  • Choose Your Materials

Follow the same procedure above and make your materials list for each item included in your scope of work plan. Newest Tile Trends and Understanding How Color Choices Affect a Room’s Feel. Always choose the best materials your budget can afford, the details do make the difference!

  • Budget

Now you have determined your scope of work and materials you will need for your DYI Renovation project. It’s time to confirm your overall budget and allocate where it will be spent.

  • Open a Project Bank Account

This will make your project run smoother and make each individual investment easily track to track

  • Get Your Permits

Cutting through the red tape of building permits is never fun. It is imperative that you do not skip this step when your DIY home renovation requires permits. Are you in our service area, if so check the Brevard County Online Building Permit page

  • Clear, Purge, and Store

You will need to clean your room, get rid of outdated & unwanted items, and determine where you will store all the items currently in the room while you complete your DIY project.

  • Demo

Who doesn’t love a good demo?! Some say this is the best part of a DIY project! Make sure to use care during your demo phase to avoid costly mistakes.

  • Buy Your Supplies

Everyone loves this part of their home remodeling project! The time has arrived to get all your materials and fixtures.Now have completed your DIY Renovation Check List you are ready to start your home DIY project to create the DIY kitchen or bathroom of your dreams! We hope you enjoyed this post from The Brevard Tile Blog, make sure to share your comments and fee

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