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Perception is Everything

When it comes to a small bathroom your design and color choices can expand of shirk the feel of your bathroom.

These tips will help you make any small bathroom look bigger and maximize your space. For more bathroom renovation ideas check out the Brevard Tile Blog. Never miss another home renovation tip or special from Ceramic Tile Design join here

Small Bathrooms can Feel Claustrophobic

These 7 tips will help you make any small bathroom feel bigger and brighter.

  • Use One Color Palette- White is the Best

Using one color will make any small space look bigger. Use one color for your tile, paint, floor, and vanity. White works the best especially have you have a natural light source. Learn More

  • Tile all the Way Up

Install Tile all the way to the ceiling and for even more effect follow the thick grout line trend that is taking 2020 by storm.

  • Install Large Floor Tiles

Often misunderstood, it is not small tiles that make your bathroom feel bigger but large tiles. The fewer transitions between colors and materials the bigger your room will appear. Match your grout and tile for an even larger look

  • Custom Glass Enclosures

Nothing cuts a room off faster than a shower curtain. Expand your space and show off your tile with a custom glass shower or bath enclosure

  • Mirrors

The bigger the better! The bigger the mirror the more your space will expand. Bonus tip: Make sure the mirror reflects a beautiful view.

  • Recessed Shelves & Storage

Use empty space hidden inside your walls to expand your storage space and bathrooms function

  • Install a Pedestal Sink

Thin and small on the space they use this is an easy and cost-effective way to make your small bathroom look bigger.

Read our tips to prepare your bathroom for remodeling for more assistance.

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